Prompt Post #3

So, I haven’t posted a prompt post in a while, so I thought I’d at least post one that I did yesterday.  Despite the prompt asking for a story, it’s more of an intro for a short story than a self contained story, but oh well.  If you like what I wrote below comment and tell me what you thought! And if you want to know what happened to little D.J. here then comment and let me know and I’ll see what I could do.

Prompt: Tell a story that begins with a ransom note.

The note was concise and stark.  The words were cut out from a magazine, each letter was a strange shape and overtly vibrant in color, as if from a T.V. commercial.  Yet, all the note said was: Come Alone.  They had sacked my hiding spot, but had in reality only taken one thing, Spickle, my mottled kangaroo.  It had been tucked with my other treasures found in the forest.  Spickle had a couple tears, but otherwise still whole and he was my best friend. 

I knew who had taken him though.  It would be Tim and Limb crew.  They were called that, because when they had you in sight they’d pick a limb and bruise it black.  You’d be lucky if they didn’t break it.  I’d evaded them for weeks at school.  There was always that bell ringing or other kids in the way.  Yet, somehow Tim and his crew had found my stash in the forest. 

I picked up a stick off the ground.  It had a decent weight in my hand and I felt more secure with something firm in my hand.  I would get Spickle back.  He was mine.  No one would come looking for me, not tonight.  I’d pay Tim a visit at his hideout.  I’d come alone too, but not on his terms, he’ll have to just be surprised when I eventually pop out.  I started to march off into the wood then with the sun slowly falling.  The stick was propped on my shoulder like a solder’s musket.

I started to march off into the wood then with the sun slowly falling.

Prompt Post #2

Alright, well here’s a longer prompt for you all to enjoy! This one was fun to write and imagine what I could do, while in this situation.  I’ll be back with a more original post in the next couple days!

Prompt: You are an astronaut.  Describe your perfect day. (From 642 Things to Write About)

Well, I’d wake up at 800 refreshed and ready.  I normally don’t feel that awake, especially sleeping in little to no gravity.  I’d do a quick scan of the systems on the space station, since I’ve already been up here, for a few months.  And since this is a ‘perfect day’ everything would be running smoothly with maybe a minor hiccup or so.  After I do those daily checks, I’d eat breakfast, though today it would be something really good from a tube.  I dunno, like maybe bacon or something, most of the time the tube stuff is just tasteless slop.  After breakfast, I’d work out on our machines adapted for the zero gravity environment.  I love running, but its tough here, since there’s no real resistance on the legs.  After that I’d probably read a book or something maybe write if I could on the station.  You can’t get too crazy in the station.  Lunch could be another tube of whatever with the flavor of hamburger.  You really end up missing meat up here.  I’d maybe read a bit more and check the instruments and scanners, before an early dinner and head to bed after.  Maybe not the most exciting day, but days of operation on the station can be long and tiresome.

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Prompt Post #1

So, I recent received 642 Things to Write About by The San Francisco Writers’ Grotto from my girlfriend’s Mother and I’ve been doing a few.  It’s been a pretty fun way to exercise my creative muscles along with writing daily rather than once a week or semi-annually.  (The latter statement is a joke, at least sort of).  As it states in the title, this is going to be the first of my ‘prompt’ posts, where I will post the prompt and then my result.  For those of you that write feel free to use the prompts on your own, but considering I’ll be doing a post like this once in a while, don’t wait for my posts, but go out and buy the book yourself.

Prompt Number 1:  What Can Happen In A Second

A Blink                  Passing a Note                  Breaking a Heart                    A Kiss                    Opening a Door

Tearing Something Down             A Hug                    Petting a Dog                     Jumping into the Ocean

Stubbing a Toe                  Typing a word                    Turning Away                    Writing a word

Sitting Down                      Looking at Something    Saying ‘I love you’            Swallowing         Tossing a Ball

Hurting Someone                            Falling asleep                     Hitting a car        Reading a word

Walking into a tree          Crashing a plane               Falling Down      Pulling a trigger Kicking a soccer ball

Saying goodbye                                Praying Quickly

Prompt Number 2: The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had

The worst dish I have ever eaten, was well nothing, because the families other than my own family have been (thankfully) decent cooks.  The dishes have been cooked to perfection and all around are just good to eat.  My personal favorite is the green bean casserole, but I couldn’t tell you exactly why it is my favorite, since I have no real idea why it is my favorite.  The worst dish will probably come from my own kitchen.

Prompt Number 3:  A houseplant is dying.  Tell it why it needs to live.

You need to keep growing my little ficus! You have to remain green and bright, sorry house isn’t just one color.  I raised you from a seed and spent so much time watering you and making sure the house was the right temperature, even if I usually like it colder.  You just can’t give up! I have your brother in a pot over there, who needs you to keep going.  Come on! I need to prove to my wife that I can keep a plant alive long enough so I can get a dog!

Prompt Number 4:  Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017.

Well, I just got into my doctoral program in Chicago!! Gunna get a Ph.D in Social philosophy!!!

I just got married to the girl of my dreams!

I finally got my 5th tattoo and it looks so great, picture coming soon!!

Just bought my 1st car, who would have though I’d say goodbye to Breago so soon??

We’re pregnant! Well, my wife is, maybe a boy?  Hope the world is ready for this little guy!!?