I now have two works currently published, titled: The Continuum: Fables of the Fallen (Published Dec. 23rd 2012 and The Continuum: Until Dawn (Published Sept. 24th 2013).  Both are of short stories by myself and other writers from my alma mater univeristy.  Give either (or both) a skim or read if you’d like…(please). I’m always open to feedback.  The story published in “Fables of the Fallen” is “Flesh and Metal.  The second story in “Until Dawn” is titled “A Clutch of Stars”. I hope you enjoy!

UPDATE: I recently had a piece of flash fiction, titled The Glance, published by the River & South Review. You can find it here. It’s my first piece of writing that hasn’t been self-published as such. Hopefully, this is only the start! Let me know what you think of it!

The Continuum: Fables of the Fallen

by Levente Rückert
Cover art by Levente Rückert

E-book version

Hardcopy version

The Continuum: Until Dawn

Illustrated by Levente Rückert
Illustrated by Levente Rückert

Until Dawn Hard Copy

Until Dawn Kindle Edition

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